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a Genuine lab-created 30 Carat "RUBY"

'Diamond cut' to a perfect 'Heart Shape'

The Hidden Mickey Heart Necklace is
'14K Yellow GOLD Vermeil'

'Vermeil' is '14 Karat Yellow Gold' over Solid '.925 STERLING SILVER'
the matching 2.6mm Rope Chain is also 14K Gold Vermeil
and has a 14K Gold Vermeil Lobster Claw clasp

This is a Limited Edition item!
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Hidden Mickey Pendant

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this pendant is featured in the novels:
"Hidden Mickey" and "Hidden Mickey Adventures"

Storyline: The Hidden Mickey Heart Pendant was a gift from Merlin to Nimue in the 6th Century.
When she turned wicked Merlin took it back and gave it to Wolf with instructions to give it to a deserving one,
Wolf gave it to none other than Walt Disney. There are 10 novels in the series.
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each Necklace comes with a Numbered
"Certificate of Authenticity"

compare this 9mm / 3-1/2ct Ruby
to our 20mm / 30carat Ruby!

NOTE : RUBY that has been lab-created is real Ruby (corundum) with the same properties as natural Rubies. These gorgeous lab-created rubies mimic the vivid pigeon blood color of the finest Burmese rubies. They are VVS in clarity, and this means there are no inclusions visible to the naked eye.
VERMEIL (pronounced: vermay) is Gold-plated or Gold-filled on a base metal. The vermeil on this necklace and chain is 14K Yellow Gold-plating on Sterling Silver. The difference between Gold-plating and Gold-filling is in the thickness of the gold and the base metal used. Gold-plating is used when the base metal is Sterling Silver, whereas Gold-filling is used when the base metal is copper, zinc, or anything else.




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