GIA Gem Lab
Gemological Institute of America, Inc.
World Headquarters
The Robert Mouawad Campus
5345 Armada Drive
Carlsbad, California 92008

800-421-7250 -  OR 760-603-4000
Gemstone Identification Reports on 
Diamond, Emerald, Ruby & Sapphire

GIA, established in 1931, has become the world’s largest and most respected non-profit institute of gemological research and learning.  Conceived 72 years ago in the tradition of Europe’s most venerated institutes, GIA Research imparts education, and applies this gemological knowledge to ensure the public trust in gems and jewelry.  The Institute’s scientists, diamond graders, and educators are regarded, collectively, as the world's foremost authority in gemology.  Many of our top gem quality gemstones are accompanied by a gem identification report from Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

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